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Ad Librum, Személyes Történelem, Könyv Guru

An entertaining, short novel, consisting entirely of dialogues.

Ad Librum Kiadó, 2010.

188 oldal A5 1650 Ft ISBN 978-963-9934-84-9

Megvásárolható: Könyvesbolt.Online

Attila B. Magyar: Palm Wednesday

This entertaining, short novel, consisting entirely of dialogues, takes us back to the spring of 2005. The novel’s main protagonists, in order to win a large sum of money that has been wagered, try to find the answer to a question that has remained unanswered for almost 2,000 years: Did Jesus spend three days and three nights in the tomb, as he had foretold, or was he really only there from Friday afternoon until the early hours of Sunday morning? Some might think the question pointless and in their turn ask the question: Does it matter? After reading the story it will become clear to the reader that, yes, it really does matter!

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