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This textbook provides an overview of the accents and dialects of the English language.

Ad Librum Kiadó, 2008.

129 oldal 148x210 mm 1990 Ft ISBN 978-963-9888-44-9

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Balogné Bérces Katalin: Beginner's English Dialectology. An Introduction to the Accents and Dialects of English

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This book provides an overview of the accents and dialects of the English language. Its primary target audience is advanced (especially BA) students of English, who have a pretty good command of (standard) English and some background knowledge of English pronunciation and grammatical terminology. The first half of the book surveys the major regional dialects of English, in comparison to the standard varieties, concentrating on pronunciation differences. Then the book takes the differences between Standard British English and Standard American English under scrutiny: besides pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and spelling differences are also discussed. Each chapter concludes with questions and exercises for revision and practice, followed by lists of recommended further reading and electronic links, all meant to motivate the students to do further browsing and research.

Katalin Balogné Bérces is a Lecturer in English Linguistics at Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPKE) and teaches various courses on English phonology, syntax and dialectology.

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