Kovács György: The birth of christian religion: A history

Az Ad Librum gondozásában jelenik meg Kovács György magyarul már megjelent könyvének angol nyelvű változata, a The birth of christian religion: A history.

így ajánlja a szerző a köteét: I dedicate this book to those who have a natural scientific interest in which events led to the development of the Christian religion, who want to know the exact chronological data of the era and would like to get a general overview of the history of Christianity. In my book, with a method based on mathematical deduction, the phenomenon of the star of Bethlehem, the time of Jesus’ birth and death, the time data of the calendar modifications introduced by Roman emperors and the dates of the main events of the Augustus age according to Christian chronology are identified so that they can be traced back to astronomical data. These results differ from those generally accepted by the analyses.

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